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  at Red Apple
Ive been ordering from Red Apple for YEARS. My husband and I now order at least once a week. The sushi is always delicious and the Chinese food is always perfect. Weve never had a bad experience ordering from here. The delivery drivers are always super friendly, and if we do have to call into the store, the person on the phone is always so sweet. The only drawback is long delivery times during peak hours, but its ALWAYS worth the wait- the food is never cold. With the cost of everything going up in this area, Red Apple remains affordable, which is just another reason we keep coming back.

  Johnny at Red Apple
I really enjoy the 17.95 Sushi Buffet, the seafood is always fresh, and there are so many choices to pick from. I also really like their new addition, where they include appetizers with your sushi buffet.

  Chingy86 at Red Apple
This is a cozy spot for some comfort Chinese/Japanese food. Sometimes, I stay and sometimes I order for the delivery. The delivery is very quick and the food is always hot and fresh. The Chinese food is excellent as well as their Japanese. I had their chow fun, general tso's chicken and it was all awesome. The twin shrimp roll is definitely my fave so far. The sushi is fresh, high quality and I highly recommend it. The restaurant is comfy and very casual. Overall, it is the best chinese/japanese food.

  Irenachka at Red Apple

  hungry at Red Apple
My husband and I were pleasantly surprised at how good the sushi here is considering the price. Everything we've tried was delicious and fresh, and the delivery has always been quick. My favorite thing on the menu so far is the shrimp, mango, and avocado salad with mango dressing. Oh so good! We haven't tried too much off the chinese menu, but the few things we have tried have been good as well. I won't give 5 stars only because we have only ordered take out, and have never actually had a chance to actually eat at the restaurant yet.

  bre1987 at Red Apple
i used to hate there chinesse food but i order sushi and there dumblings recently and it as good

  Alvin Z at Red Apple
I am surprised that some people say the Chinese food was terrible. However, i find it to be really good compared to those of the others found in Staten Island. The prices offered here is fairly low compared to other restaurants. At least twice a week, i order Chinese food from Red Apple, and it is always delicious and fresh. Whenever i eat at Red Apple, i always order Honey walnut chicken and it is DELICIOUS. I think maybe the restaurant should renovate, it seems really old.

  SIChic at Red Apple
The most flavorful dumplings on Staten Island, in fact everything I've had here always has great flavor and is perfectly seasoned. Ate someplace else by a friend's house the other day and was shocked at how bland their food was compared to Red Apple! Also love the very speedy delivery.

  itzjenny805 at Red Apple
Sushi buffet is freaking awesome! It's cheap and really fresh! Chinese food is pretty good too. Everything on the menu is really affordable, won't break your wallet. A really great neighborhood place for yummy food

  anonymous at Red Apple
It's just that place where you go when you want really good quality, all you can eat sushi.

  anonymous at Red Apple
This Place is Bangin!!! Lol By far the best Chinese food ive Ever tasted.. Not the Best Sushi but its 2nd place to me behind Arrirang in sushi... Still you will never regret ordering From this Place. Prices are not to High and Delivery is pretty quick 5 stars 100%

  anonymous at Red Apple
I always come here with my boyfriend and the food is just amazing! I always get the crab Rangoon. I swear there is no other place that makes crab Rangoon this good. It's very filling. Its stuffed inside with crabmeat and cheese. Trust me they don't skimp out on the filling like other places do. The PuPu platter is great too. It's a mix of the appetizers on their menu and I usually share it. their specialty menu is good too. I had the honey walnut shrimp as well as the red snapper and they are both taste really good My bf always gets the sushi buffet. It's pretty cheap since on the weekday it's only 15 something while on the weekend it's about 18. He really enjoys it. He says the fish is fresh and is prepared really well. He often gets the special rolls which is only 1.50 extra. I think it's pretty worth it since on the regular menus they're at least 8 or 9 dollars. Overall I would say the place has great food and it won't break your wallet.

  anonymous at Red Apple
Inside the food is always delicious, the all you can eat sushi buffet is also always fresh. But the problem is sometimes with delivery, things such as utensils, sauce being forgotten.

  anonymous at Red Apple
Even though most reviews focus on Red Apple serving it's All You Can Eat Sushi, I am focused more on the great quality and tasting of their Chinese Menu. For one they have delicious tasting soups not found at many places, the Chicken Rice is one of the best I had, Yat Gaw Mein is unique to this place. They serve a great Pu Pu Platter and Pork Dumplings are also very tasty, cooked just right with a nice meaty center and not too thick dumpling. FFrom appetizers we usually get the Beef Sticks which comes with 4 peices. They also have a special Weight Watchers Menu which are steamed but somehow taste pretty good much better than any other places diet platters. Singapore Style Mei Fun is one of the tastiest meals, A lot of items come in shrimp, chicken, pork, beef, with just the right touch of special flavor. I also must say I still love the sushi here, it's not one of those cheesy take out places which I would never order sushi from, I like the fact that they focus on sushi which means quality is their priority, but when it comes to Chinese Food, Red Apple is my number one choice. at Red Apple
Sushi was good. Chinese food was not. I was surprised by that. ?

  anonymous at Red Apple
The Best Dumplings on Staten Island!!! We only have a few of the best Brother's for Regular Slice, Red Apple for Dumplings & Sushi, Lee's for Thin Crust, Sharkey's for Square, Pho Mac for Vietnamese Soup, What else is there

  anonymous at Red Apple
Really enjoyed their All You Can Eat sushi the other day, very quality sushi, great presentation and pleasant service. Absolutely no rush, sit down and enjoy type of feel. Will be back for more.

  anonymous at Red Apple
I am an employee from staten island university hospital on sea view ave, I and my coworkers order from them all the time. their chinese food is delicious and sushi is also great with a reasonable price. My favorite dish is grill chicken with steamed mixed vegetable, it's healthy and tasty. during the weekend, I also take my family there. The waitresses are very nice and friendly. When u have a chance, u should definitely try their food.

  anonymous at Red Apple
After so many years Red Apple is still a favorite for Sushi and Chinese food. They recently starting serving Bubble Tea and it is a yummy treat. The Sushi Buffet is always fresh and plentiful, servers are always friendly especially the management and owners are always ready to serve you and make dining here a wonderful experience.

  anonymous at Red Apple
I order delivery from here about once a week. I love the food and they are have always been quick, accurate and friendly.

  anonymous at Red Apple
Staten Islands only good AYCE sushi. The quality is always top and very fresh. This place though is better for dine in as they do not of course do all you can eat on delivery

  anonymous at Red Apple
Any 3 Rolls for $10 is amazing deal and the excellent, usually comes on time, sometimes a bit delay but always good nonetheless